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Welcome to the Ministry's index of the 3,207 concerts played by Jethro Tull,
plus the 1965-7 'pre-Tull' dates, plus tours by Ian Anderson and Martin Barre.

What's new?

11 Dec: Updates to 2022 & '23.
10 Dec: Updates to 2011, 2022 & '23.
4 Dec: Updates to 2022.
3 Dec: Updates to 2019, 2020 & '21.
28 Nov: Updates to 2018.
27 Nov: Updates to 2023.
23 Nov: Updates to 2017 & 18.
21 Nov: Updates to 2017.
19 Nov: Updates to 2020 & '22.

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Jethro Tull set list database

On 2 June, 2001, Emil, then owner of the (now defunct) 'My Jethro Tull Club' at Yahoo! Clubs, asked:

I know people have asked this question before, but where is it that one can find a list of all the set lists from the different tours? I know they're out there somewhere...but where?

It soon emerged that, to the best of the collective MJTC knowledge, there was no such central repository of Tull set lists; a surprising omission.

So we volunteered.

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We present a database of all Tull (and 'pre-Tull', and 'post-Tull') concerts, having substantially corrected, reworked and extended all publicly-available tour schedules, by direct research and contributions from audience members. Between adopting the name in 1968 and disbanding in 2011, and since 2022, Jethro Tull have performed 3,207 concerts, plus numerous media appearences. In addition there have been 1,038 'solo' gigs by Ian Anderson since 1995 and 614 by the Martin Barre Band since 2011. And counting.

Pre-existing web- and print-published attempts are, frankly, rather poor, with numerous errors and omissions, so we rapidly met our primary intention: with the assistance of 'the worldwide Tull community', to provide THE definitive listing, at the core of the Tour History, immediately considerably overtaking the accuracy of the official 1968-92 listing, and both Rees' & Russo's versions. That was a start, but we're still pushing.

The next stage, which is far from complete, is to incorporate the set lists themselves. We have a large number, but it's hoped the 'global fan base' can fill in quite a few more gaps.
We don't expect to provide a set list for every single show, but this shouldn't be necessary, as set lists on the major tours rarely changed drastically show-to-show.

We do use some quality-control, as there's always a slight chance that the best-intentioned audience member might forget precise details. Wherever there is doubt, information is double-checked and often corroborated by other accounts. If doubt remains, this is noted in the listings. We don't blindly trust everything we're told!

A further objective is to index Tull's radio and TV appearences over the years; we'd really appreciate some assistance. We particularly require recording dates, rather than the broadcast dates of prerecorded shows, and recording locations (not just network or affiliate station names). Please let us know if you can help.


All dates are in standard international format: day-month-year.

Location details are given as Venue-City-Country, plus, for US venues, State.
    Where a venue name is an obvious derivative of its location, it is abbreviated - for example, it should be obvious that 'Convention Center, Anaheim, Ca.' refers to the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, Ca.
We're attempting to list venues for all concerts, but there are several gaps - can you help eliminate them?
    Although country names are in English, the anglicised forms of city names have generally been avoided in the main listings. Selected translations are here.
    Note that there is no such sovereign nation as 'England' - it is merely part of the United Kingdom, just as Kansas is part of the USA.

Where a bootleg recording of a show is known to exist, the title is stated. This is emphatically not an endorsement of commercial bootlegging; the Ministry recommends sharing of CD-Rs and audio files, provided no money changes hands, and never as a substitute for official releases. Bootlegs that are primarily compilations are omitted. Note that quoted set lists are for full shows; the named bootlegs might not include all tracks.

The positioning of most 'Back To Top' icons in the listings somewhat reflects the structure of each year's touring: generally, UK tours, mainland European tours, East- and West-Coast N.American tours, and (rarely) time-off from touring.

Free to read - but not to copy

Concept and original graphics © NRT, 2003. Except where specifically cited, all text © NRT, 2001-23 (all rights reserved).
Links are welcomed, but unauthorised reproduction prohibited. Please do not mistake this material as in the public domain, and free to use in other publications (especially commercial) - it is NOT.

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