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Tull tour history
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There were 97 scheduled Jethro Tull concerts in 1968.

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6-7/1/68Abbey Road StudiosLondon, UK
Recording 'Sunshine Day'.
8/1/68?London?, UK
At a band meeting, it was decided to use the name 'Jethro Tull' on the single.
15/1/68Bay HotelSunderland, UK
The first ever 'Jethro Tull' concert.
Precise venue unconfirmed
16/1/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Booked and billed as 'Navy Blue', the band introduced themselves as 'Jethro Tull'. Supporting Black Cat Bones.
26/1/68The South BankGrimsby, UK
2/2/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
The first appearence billed as Jethro Tull; supporting Savoy Brown Blues Band.
5/2/68SpeakeasyLondon, UK
9/2/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
16/2/68Release of 'Sunshine Day' single
b/w 'Aeroplane'.
10/2/68Manchester UniversityManchester, UK
A member of Money recalls that they and Tull supported Cream at this venue on 18/1/69. However, Cream's last show was in Nov. 1968.
Ian recalls supporting Cream, possibly in autumn 1968, but Cream were in the USA.
Cream played at this venue on this date – the support bands aren't recorded, but might this be the concert Money and Ian recall?
16/2/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Supporting The Spirit Of John Morgan.
26/2/68CromwellianLondon, UK
7/3/68Metro ClubBirmingham, UK
Appearing at the regular Thursday night Blues evening.
8/3/68Jazz and Folk Club, Argus ButterflyPeterlee, UK
15/3/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Supporting Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation.
18/3/68Star HotelCroydon, UK
29/3/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Supporting Fleetwood Mac.
6/4/68Magic VillageManchester, UK
11/4/68Railway HotelBishops Stortford, UK
12/4/68Candlelight ClubScarborough, UK
14/4/68Britannia Rowing ClubNottingham, UK
15/4/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Billed as appearing with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, but Tull didn't play.
16/4/68Fishmongers ArmsWood Green, London, UK
18/4/68Rambling Jack's Blues Club, The Railway HotelBishops Stortford, UK
Audience: 136. Tull were paid £20.
20/4/68Cat Balou ClubGrantham, UK
22/4/68Star HotelCroydon, UK
Setlist as recalled by Glenn Cornick:
Serenade To A Cuckoo, Cat's Squirrel, Rock Me Baby, So Much Trouble, Beggar's Farm, Dharma For One, My Sunday Feeling, It's Breaking Me Up, A Song for Jeffrey, Fat Man, Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You, Sunshine Day
23/4/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Supporting The Who. Glenn's 21st birthday.
?/?/68ICI Fibres ClubPontypool, UK
A Saturday afternoon, the exact date of this show isn't known; could be any time between May and August. Definitely before the release of 'This Was'.
?/?/68Tin Hat ClubKettering, UK
Date not known, but considering the venue was a small corregated shack by Kettering Town football club, it was probably early in the year!
At this show and others, Tull used two VOX AC 30 amps as a PA system.
3/5/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Headlining the Marquee's Blues Night for the first time. Support: The New Nadir.
5/5/68Queens Stagg HoundsAscot, UK
17/5/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Also appearing (joint headline?): The Taste (Rory Gallagher's band).
20/5/68Nags Head, BatterseaLondon, UK
23/5/68Sound Techniques Studio, Chelsea?London?, UK
Preliminary recording session for 'This Was'.
24/5/68Blues Loft (Nag's Head)High Wycombe, UK
25/5/68Bluesville '68 (Farmers Inn)Thornbury (Bradford), UK
26/5/68?Coventry, UK
Replacing Jeff Beck, who cancelled
29/5/68Hub ClubMarlow, UK
30/5/68Mecca BallroomHull, UK
Venue unconfirmed. If that was the venue, Tull were apparently booked by Ed Bicknell, subsequently Dire Straits' manager, and paid £400. That's a lot of money for 1968, especially for that point in Tull's career, so is in doubt.
Supporting evidence suggests that the booking described was later in the year, even December (in which case, it was almost certainly cancelled), though Tull may still have played a different concert in Hull on this date.
31/5/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Support: The Spirit of John Morgan (see 16/2).
13/6/68Sound Techniques Studio, ChelseaLondon, UK
Proper start of recording sessions for 'This Was' (until 23 August).
14/6/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Support: Duster Bennett.
15/6/68Klooks KleekWest Hampstead, UK
18/6/68Klooks KleekWest Hampstead, UK
21/6/68Candlelight ClubScarborough, UK
23/06/68The SwanBillingham, UK
Venue was 'The Tent', a ballroom attached to the rear of the pub.
??/??/68Kirk Levington Country ClubYarm, UK
Date unknown, but after Billingham and before Mick left in November.
26/6/68Students Union, Sheffield UniversitySheffield, UK
Supporting Pink Floyd.
Tickets cost 7s 6d (7 shillings and sixpence).
28/6/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Two shows? Support: Tramline.
29/6/68Hyde ParkLondon, UK
Britain's first large-scale free outdoor concert, including Roy Harper, Jethro Tull, Tyrannosaurus Rex & Pink Floyd, in that order.
Tull set included:
Cat's Squirrel, Serenade To A Cuckoo, Stormy Monday, Dharma For One
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5/7/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Support: Thackery.
11/7/68Railway HotelWealdstone, UK
17/7/68Toby JugTolworth, UK
19/7/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Support: Dynaflow Blues Band.
20/7/68Piccadilly Studio 1London, UK
Radio session for 'Top Gear', broadcast 4/8/68, repeated 22/9/68. Last track only on the rebroadcast.
Released officially on the 40th Anniversary edition of 'This Was'.
A Song For Jeffrey, Serenade To A Cuckoo, My Sunday Feeling, So Much Trouble; Cat's Squirrel
20/7/68Magic VillageManchester UK
Paid £50 (cash) for a 90-min (two set) concert.
26/7/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Not on the July '68 Marquee programme, which advertised Ten Years After for this date; perhaps they cancelled and Tull appeared instead.
2/8/68Bluesville 68, Hornsey Wood Tavern Manor HouseLondon, UK
4/8/68MothersBirmingham, UK
9/8/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Support: Black Cat Bones (see 16/1).
11/8/68Sunbury Race CourseKempton Park, UK
Eighth National Jazz & Blues Festival
Tull played on the Sunday evening, as did: The Incredible String Band, Tramline, Dynaflow Blues Band, Chicken Shack, Fairport Convention, John Mayall, Spencer Davis, Traffic.
On other days of the festival: Deep Purple, Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, Alexis Korner, The Cream, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Marmalade, Al Stewart, Ten Years After, Taste, The Nice, Joe Cocker, Arthur Brown.
Tull's 'breakthrough' gig, in front of their first large audience: ~50,000.
Also David Palmer's first experience of Tull, as an audience member.
16/8/68Candlelight ClubScarborough, UK
21/8/68MothersBirmingham, UK
23/8/68Sound Techniques Studio, ChelseaLondon, UK
End of recording sessions for 'This Was' (started 13 June).
23/8/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Support: Duster Bennett.
24/8/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Two shows. Not listed on the August '68 Marquee programme, so presumably added at the last minute, following their success at Kempton Park.
27/8/68BlaisesLondon, UK
28/8/68Country ClubLondon, UK
29/8/68Railway HotelWealdstone, UK
31/8/68Van Dike ClubPlymouth, UK
Playing at the club's opening night, supported by Gethsemane, Martin Barre's band.
3/9/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Tull's first headline appearence on the Marquee's 'Star Night' (previous appearences all 'Blues Night'). Support: East Of Eden.
4/9/68Rambling Jack's Blues Club (Railway Hotel)Bishop's Stortford, UK
Audience: 240. Tull were paid £30.
5/9/68Le Metro ClubBirmingham, UK
6/9/68Grand HotelFelixstowe, UK
20:00 start.
7/9/68Magic VillageManchester, UK
9/9/68Nags Head, BatterseaLondon, UK
20/9/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
The usual 'Blues Night' residency appearence. Support: The Love Sculpture.
21/9/68MothersBirmingham, UK
23/9/68Edmonton Cooks Ferry InnLondon, UK
23/9/68Resurrection Blues Club, Black BullLondon, UK
Late show, after the Cooks Ferry Inn gig.
29/9/68Fairfield HallCroydon, UK
Part of Croydon Gala, the near-4-hour show was titled 'Olympop' and in aid of the British Olympic Appeal Fund. Compered by John Peel.
Running order: Jethro Tull, The Eclection, David Ackles, The Alan Price Set - [Interval] - Spooky Tooth, The Nice, Julie Driscoll & The Brian Auger Trinity.
Tull, Alan Price & Julie Driscoll were filmed for the TV show 'Colour Me Pop'.
5/10/68Pop ClubBrøndby, København, Denmark
6/10/68Star ClubKøbenhavn, Denmark
11/10/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Support: John Morgan.
13/10/68Hotel LeofricCoventry, UK
15/10/68Royal Albert HallLondon, UK
An afternoon benefit gig (apparently for Czechs stranded in the UK), with other blues bands.
16/10/68Toby JugTolworth, UK
19/10/68Lyceum BallroomLondon, UK
'Midnite Rave' organised by Brunel University Students' Union and running from 00:30 (19/10/68) to 07:00.
Artists appearing: Tull, Arthur Brown, Alan Bown, Elmer Gantry, The Who (headlining).
Information taken from a reproduction poster, presumed to be genuine.
22/10/68Fishmongers ArmsWood Green, London, UK
24/10/68?London?, UK
Appearing on the 'Time for Blackburn's' TV show, broadcast at 7 pm. Presumably recorded the same day, or even live, but that's not verified. Glenn C. has no memory of Tull having played on the show at all, though it is mentioned in a contemporary press report.
24/10/68Red Lion HotelLeytonstone, UK
25/10/68UK release of 'This Was' Highest chart position: 10
26/10/68London College of PrintingLondon, UK
29/10/68Crown HotelBirmingham, UK
31/10/68Blues Scene ('Jimmy's')Brighton, UK
1/11/68California BallroomDunstable, UK
Support: Killing Floor.
2/11/68University CollegeLondon, UK
2/11/68Chalk Farm RoundhouseLondon, UK
5/11/68Piccadilly Studio 1London, UK
Radio session for 'Top Gear', broadcast 15/12/68.
Love Story, Dharma for One, Stormy Monday, Beggar's Farm
Released officially on the 40th Anniversary edition of 'This Was'.
5/11/68Klooks KleekWest Hampstead, UK
8/11/68New Marquee ClubLeeds, UK
Support: The Amazing Friendly Apple.
Tickets cost 7/6. Sold out (capacity: 1,200), with long queues turned away. Tull were paid £100.
9/11/68Town HallGlastonbury, UK
13/11/68'Velvet Underground', Victoria RestaurantChesterfield, UK
15/11/68Hornsey Wood TavernLondon, UK
Supported by Gethsemane. Martin Barre received an invitation to audition for Tull.
16/11/68'A university or college'?, UK
An audience member recalls a concert at UWIST, Caerdydd, introduced by John Peel, for which Tull were paid only ~£50 as 'This Was' had yet to be released at the time of booking. This date fits the recollection.
23/11/68Magic VillageManchester, UK
24/11/68Frolicking KneecapMarket Harborough, UK
The oddly-named club was situated above a pub.
Date unconfirmed, but near-certain. Afternoon concert.
At this show and others, Tull used two VOX AC 30 amps as a PA system.
24/11/68MothersBirmingham, UK
Support: possibly Earth (which later became Black Sabbath). Their lead guitarist was Tony Iommi, who was asked to audition for Tull.
Evening concert, attended (introduced?) by John Peel.
A newspaper advert mentions Peel (so he presumably had a greater role than audience member) but not any support band, and the venue's archives don't report Earth having appeared on this date. It's been suggested that Earth supported Tull at a different Birmingham venue, Le Metro, on a different date.
Returning from this gig, Mick was told he was leaving.
26/11/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
Tull headlined 'Star Night' for the second time; their last Marquee appearence. Support: Bakerloo Blues Line.
?/11?/68Jimmy'sBrighton, UK
Tull played here in 'late 1968'; the precise date is unknown.
Audience: ~60, sitting on the floor.
An audience member recalls that Ian shared out cigarettes and held his own between the frets of his guitar as he played
29/11/68Van Dike ClubPlymouth, UK
Listed in 'Melody Maker.
Supported by Gethsemane - could Martin have been invited to audition for Tull after this concert, rather than the 15/11/68 show? That might be a better match to Martin's own recollection.
30/11/68London School Of EconomicsLondon, UK
Mick Abrahams' last concert with Tull.
0?/12/68?London, UK
Auditions for a new guitarist. Tony Iommi got the job.
12/12/68Rediffusion Studios, WembleyLondon, UK
Rolling Stones Rock'N'Roll Circus
Due to time restrictions, Tull mimed. It was originally thought that Ian was the only member to perform live, but Glenn recalls that Ian mimed too. Note that this means Tony Iommi never played live as a member of Tull, and though the Black Sabbath 'Archangel Rides Again' bootleg includes a track from this performance, no member of Black Sabbath plays on it!
Appearence was to feature both 'Fat Man' and 'A Song for Jeffrey', but the former was dropped.
1?/12/68London, UK
Tony went back to Birmingham, and Martin was given a second, more private audition famously without an amplifier. He was asked to join.
14/12/68Union Ballroom (Uni. of Newcastle)Newcastle, UK
Support would have been West Side Story. 20:00 start, 23:30 curfew.
20/12/68Marquee ClubLondon, UK
24/12/68Rehearsal RoomSoho, London, UK
Martin Barre joined Tull. He told his parents he wouldn't be home for christmas, then the band rehearsed straight through the holiday, in a rehearsal room near Leicester Square Underground station.
30/12/68Winter GardensPenzance, UK
Martin Barre's first concert with Tull.
Also Clive's birthday.
31/12/68MothersBirmingham, UK
Also playing: Savoy Brown, Bakerloo Blues Line.

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