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Tull tour history
radio appearences Acknowledgements - thanks to contributors to the Jethro Tull Tour History world tours and special gigs
  songs played on tour

Many thanks to Martin Webb for a constant stream of setlists and full details of shows from across the whole of Europe and beyond.

Many thanks also to Karl Speck for identifying numerous venues and providing details of a remarkable number of previously unknown North American shows.

Thanks to Thomas Schroeder for numerous corrections and particularly detailed information on several shows, especially for German tours.

Thanks to Michael Veith for confirming the details of virtually every German show since 1997, adding several more setlists from those tours.

Thanks to Andy Jackson for numerous contributions, particularly dates of personnel changes, album release dates, and considerable information about 1969, '70, and earlier, including from Glenn Cornick's diaries.

Thanks to Andrew Trueman, Tull's Production Manager in the 1970s, for several amendments to tour schedules.

Thanks to Emil Engelund for tirelessly searching out missing venue names.

Thanks also to Emil, Björn Sandstrom and, particularly, Jeroen for corrections (mainly spelling) to mainland European venue listings.

Thanks to Rob 'Snafje' van den Brom for details of forthcoming tours.

Thanks to Javier for exhaustive details of South American (and other!) tours.

Thanks to Laufi for info on fan conventions, the 1968/9 BBC radio sessions and more recent radio appearences; thanks also to Laufi and contributors to Laufi's Jethro Tull World for recent concert reviews, featuring numerous setlists.

Thanks to Mirek Pokojski for several setlists, including five from band cue sheets.

Thanks to Bill Small for correcting early US venue details.

Thanks to Enrico Perisi for valuable information on early Italian shows.

Thanks to Adolfo Vial for information on Tull appearences in Chile.

Thanks to Lutz Meissner and Jacopo Muneratti for a steady stream of setlists.

For setlists, thanks to members of My Jethro Tull Club (now defunct) and TalkTull; too many to list, but those deserving especial mention include:

  • Elwyn - for several less common setlists.
  • Jan Voorbij, Iva, Ina, Ron, Steve Herrick, Rich Henn, Andy (again)....

Thanks to several people for identifying support acts; in particular Scott Salmon, Eric Hawkins, Kevin Thurston & Keith Johnson; thanks also for setlists from recordings.

Also thanks to everyone who has ever posted a Tull setlist to a website, particularly music trading lists; a significant number of the Ministry's setlists were drawn from these, including our own.

In case there is any doubt, the Tour History was compiled entirely without the 'assistance' of earlier listings in print, with the exception of the 1968-92 tour schedule printed in the 25th Anniversary tour programme. Though rather flawed and incomplete, this provided a foundation, substantially modified and updated before publication here, and now changed beyond recognition. A copy of Russo's attempt, republished on another website, was immediately rejected as inaccurate - that material has not been copied at all. No other commercially published source has been consulted at all.

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