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The Ministry weeds are a series of recordings that receive a degree of audio processing to improve their quality before being put into trading circulation, approximately bimonthly. Accompanying original artwork is presented here.
The emphasis is on previously uncommon or even uncirculated recordings; there is no intention to modify or recirculate existing bootlegs.
To date, the initial distribution has been by the trading practice of 'weeding', in 4-6 Yahoo! Groups; a trading tree may be tried in the near future.

In addition to the Ministry's own releases, NRT has occasionally prepared artwork for other projects.

MoI001: Jethro Tull - All Things To All People
20/11/01 Manchester Apollo, UK
All Things To All People - cover All Things To All People - tray insert
N.B. Please do not confuse this 'remaster' with the inferior, unprocessed recording circulating as 'Apollo 20' - they are NOT the same.

MoI002: Jethro Tull - For the Benefit of Inverness
18/09/89 Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, UK
For the Benefit of Inverness - cover For the Benefit of Inverness - tray insert

MoI003: Transatlantic - Bridge Across Montmartre
11/11/01 Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France
Bridge Across Montmartre - cover Bridge Across Montmartre - tray insert

MoI004: Jethro Tull - Capital Show
25/04/02 Warner Theatre, Washington DC, USA
Capital Show - cover Capital Show - tray insert

MoI005: Jethro Tull - London Blitz
16/11/74 Rainbow Theatre, London, UK
London Blitz - cover London Blitz - tray insert

MoI006: Jethro Tull - Wind Up
20/06/71 Community Theater, Berkeley, Ca. USA
London Blitz - cover London Blitz - tray insert

MoI007: Ian Anderson - A Private Interview
Germany?, November 1983
A Private Interview - cover A Private Interview - tray insert

MoI008: Porcupine Tree - XM Live
12/11/02 XM Studios, Washington DC. USA
XM Live - cover XM Live - tray insert
Interactive artwork! Download this image too (2kb).
Not intended for use with the inferior .mp3 copy of these recordings - stick with .wav!

MoI009: Porcupine Tree - Academic
05/03/03 Academy 2, Manchester, UK
Academic - cover Academic - tray insert

MoI010: Jethro Tull - Such A Sense Of Glowing
16/07/73 Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, USA
Such A Sense Of Glowing - cover Such A Sense Of Glowing - tray insert

MoI011: Sigur Rós - berklee
15/03/03 Berklee Performing Arts Center, Boston, USA
berklee - cover berklee - tray insert

Click to open each full-size image, then save to your own computer for printing.

Note that each 300dpi image should already be the correct size for printing, with a narrow outline providing cutting & folding guides.

Artwork for other projects is here.

high-quality concert recordings, radio shows and interviews

No commercial use may be made of this cover art.
'Boot art library' sites are welcome to republish the covers (without modification) for free downloading.

Bridge Across Montmartre
All Things To All People
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