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My new para boots

My first totally new pair of para boots! My previous pairs have been Grade 1 seconds ie. issued to the German army, and worn, but replaced whilst still in good condition, and sold on to the civilian market. Brand new ones are generally far too expensive for me, at least for everyday use. These were a reasonable price (just under £40); I suspect it's because they might be civilian copies, even if from the same manufacturers as the military ones. Whatever; I really like the style, quality and fit.
Why German? They have a softer leather than the more chunky, plasticised British version, and come in narrower fittings which suit my feet better.
Being straight from the factory, these boots hadn't seen boot polish; the stitches attaching the uppers to the soles were white, and as the photo shows, the linings are pale brown. I've applied one coat of polish already, so they're totally black and a bit more shiny; I think I might have to repeat the treatment a couple of times before they're ready to be worn out in the December weather!

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