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Delerium I really hope I'm not the only person to realise just how wonderful this image is. Admittedly, a little of the impact is diminished by taking it out of the context of the overall page layout, particularly the staggered zoom and subtle effect of the colour balance, but it's still stunning; by far my 'image of the year'. It's 'just' a pen and ink drawing, coloured in simple blocks, but it near-perfectly captures the child's emotions, at the precise moment she bursts into tears. Poor little Delerium; at one glance, my heart goes out to her.
Page 16
It's not entirely relevant to the effect of the image itself, but the child is the personification of Delerium; her mean big brother is Morpheus, the personification of Dream and focus of Neil Gaiman's remarkable series of magazines, 'The Sandman'. For the record, this is from p.16 of issue 42 (1992), republished in v.7 of The Sandman Library, 'Brief Lives'. Credit for the image goes to Jill Thompson (penciller) and Vince Locke (inker), plus Danny Vozzo (colour).
Images © DC Comics, 1994
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