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Northop Hall and Lancaster, UK from the air. Zoom in 2.5x Zoom in 2.5x
Northop Hall and Lancaster, UK from the air.

The village of Northop Hall is at the centre of the upper image surrounded by farmland, with the A55 dual carriageway to the immediate lower left and the edge of Wepre/Connah's Quay at the upper right of the image.

In contrast, the lower image shows a large proportion of Lancaster, south of the river (itself not in view). The straight line of the M6 motorway can be seen at the lower right, whilst the West Coast main railway line enters near the middle of the lower edge, exiting at the upper left. The other obvious linear feature is the canal. The city centre is to the immediate upper left of the highlighted area; Castle Hill can't really be distinguished, but is a little below the scale statement of the Northop Hall image.

Because of varying monitor resolution and size, that scale statement is obviously inaccurate. However, it may still be considered as a purely relative indicator, i.e. 1 mm in the image isn't literally equivalent to 25,000 mm (25 m) on the ground, but a 1:10,000 image will have 2.5 times the resolution of one at 1:25,000, and the Northop Hall and Lancaster images are to exactly the same scale.

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