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281204-17. © NRT, 2004
Pits above Minera, near Wrecsam, UK, 28 December, 2004

These rectangular, silted-up ponds by the miners' road over Eclusham Mountain* are plainly artificial, and served to trap excess sediment.

The built-up area in the background is Wrecsam; a few larger buildings can be seen in the town centre. Incidentally, you will have noticed I've used 'Wrecsam' throughout these photo captions. It's not an error: the more familiar 'Wrexham' is merely the English name for a Welsh town, and I choose to use the correct version. It's only just inside the Welsh border, though. The hills on the horizon are in Cheshire, in England.

*: My mother calls the bleak plateau the Llandegla Moors, but I think that's further to the north.

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