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Parish Church of St. Eurgain & St. Peter, Northop, Flintshire, UK, 27 December, 2004

Though as an atheist, it doesn't have quite the same significance as it once did, this is the Anglican church where I was christened in the Jacobean font, as a baby, and confirmed, in my early teens.
There has been a church here since the 6th Century, dedicated to its founder, St. Eurgain. The Welsh name of the village is Llaneurgain, literally 'Church of Eurgain', though the name 'North Thorpe' or 'North Hope' was imposed by the Saxon king Egbert in 828.
The present double-naved church was re-built in 1839-40 (having been condemned!) and further refurbished inside in 1877, but some mediæval details remain (four sepulchres in the nave date from 1388-1405) and the 30 m (98' ) tall Perpendicular tower was completed in 1571. I recall hearing that it was commissioned by Elizabeth of York, the mother of Henry VIII, but a web search today has failed to confirm that memory.

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