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Northop High Street, Flintshire, UK, 27 December, 2004

The main, and until ~1910 probably only street in Northop. Not even large enough to warrant road markings!

After the Battle of Chester in 616, Northop was on the contested border between Mercia and Wales (Wat's Dyke, now a scheduled ancient monument, is a few hundred metres behind the camera). Gruffydd ap Llewellyn took it back in the 11th Century, but it was lost again with the Norman Conquest of Wales in 1282.

The post road, which was mapped in the 16th Century by the wonderfully-titled "His Majesties Cosmographer", John Ogilby, had been vital to the governing of the Irish colonies since the reign of Elizabeth I, but from the 18th Century, Northop was the first stop on the Chester-Holyhead (and hence London-Dublin) stagecoach route. There were seven coaching inns by 1776, of which the oldest remains: 'The Boot' (predating 1717), visible on the right.

Another historical detail is that Northop is the birthplace of William Parry, a Member of Parliament executed for his involvement in a Catholic plot to kill Elizabeth I.

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