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Aerials near Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire, 21 February, 2004

What aerials? Surprisingly, the trees to the left and right are artificial, really being communications/media aerials.
You guessed? They're not exactly convincing, particularly from a distance, where the odd arrangement of branches (upper ones upswept, middle ones horizontal and lower branches downswept) makes the one on the left look particularly false, and the excessive thickness of the (perfectly straight) trunk and canopy of the tree on the right look not quite right. Trees just don't grow so tall on a windswept coastal hill, either.
I suppose the planners and engineers deserve some credit for trying, but the result is wrong, in a way that draws the eye. Standard aerials might have been a temporary eyesore, but people adapt, and there's a massive mast on the very next hilltop anyway, so after a while, they'd fade into the mental background. However, these 'trees' stay in people's attention, and continue to annoy!

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