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Cockerel statue, Morecambe, UK, 12 September, 2004

I haven't been able to find much information about this statue, which stands on a tiny roundabout ('rock island' as it's termed in the Tern Project planning documents) at the entrance to the Morrisons supermarket car park, at the end of the Lune Cycleway. It's a pity few tourists will see it, as this isn't the most obvious place for them to visit.
It has been suggested that the cockerel is a bantam (kind of big...), for the simple reason that Morrisons' Estates Director was a fan of Bradford City Football Club, whose mascot is a bantam. I'm mentioning it as possible (Morrisons is based in Bradford), but I'd better stress that this is based on one unverified claim at an online discussion forum.

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