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St. George's Quay, Lancaster, UK, 12 September, 2004

Seen from the north bank of the River Lune, under Carlisle Bridge.
The river is tidal here. The tide is in, but it does occasionally flood the buildings to the right of the image. Note those buildings - it's not a photographic distortion, the front wall really does bulge.
The next building along, behind the tree, is the Wagon & Horses pub. At the peak of Lancaster's importance as a port, there were fifty pubs along the Quay; two remain. The cellar of one, I think this one, doubled as a mortuary.
The large warehouses next door have been converted into apartments. Next door again, the more ornate building with the English flag was the Custom House, now the maritime museum.
In contrast to these Georgian buildings, the three-way Millennium cycle/pedestrian Bridge is four years old, and parts of the adjacent apartment blocks are still under construction.

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