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North-west from Ingleborough Common, North Yorkshire, UK, 6 December, 2008

The Howgill Fells are in the distance at the far left, just visible behind Gragareth (Leck Fell), which rises to Crag Hill/Great Coum at its rightmost end. The next nearest ridge is Whernside; the valley between the ridges is Kingsdale. Chapel-le-dale (or Twisleton Dale; I'm never entirely sure of the correct name), the valley between Whernside and Ingleborough, is hidden behind the moor in the foreground, which is the flat transition between White Scars and the steep slope up to Ingleborough's summit. This lower plateau features numerous shake holes in boulder clay overlying the subsurface limestone, plus larger collapse structures such as the sink hole (doline) on the left.

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