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View from my office window, County South, Lancaster University, UK, 13 August, 2008

When I moved into this temporary office last year, I was concerned about the surrounding relatively tall buildings blocking sight of the surrounding countryside, but the grassed quad hasn't felt oppressive, as the large weeping willow has been a pleasant feature and a break in the southern side introduces plenty of light. I've seen a lot of this sky!
Yet another reason to regret having to move back into my refurbished, open-plan permanent office, in a noisier part of the campus, in a couple of weeks....

The most modern building, on the left, is part of County College's student accommodation, whilst the older building on the right, renovated inside, is occupied by the Institute of Advanced Studies. Both will be more familiar to pre-2005 alumni as Cartmel College, which has now moved to brand-new premises in Alexandra Park (still aka 'South West Campus').
The nearer building in the gap is the Faraday Building, housing Environmental Science teaching labs (I had an office there in the mid 1990s) and medical teaching facilities.
Bowland Tower is in the background.
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