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Birkenhead Town Hall and Woodside Ferry Terminal seen from Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK, 8 August, 2008

The Town Hall was designed by Charles Ellison and built 1882-87 in Scottish granite and local sandstone, though the 60 m tall clocktower was slightly modified when rebuilt after a 1901 fire. The flagpole is on the main façade, overlooking Hamilton Square.
Contrary to popular belief, the Town Hall is still in use by the local council, but it's true that Wirral Museum now accounts for most of the building.

There has been a ferry service across the Mersey from Woodside since at least the 14th Century, but the current quay dates from 1842 and the floating landing stage from 1861. However, the current appearence is from renovation in 1985, which restored the Victorian booking hall but totally replaced the passenger bridge.
In 1860, the ferry terminal also became a terminus of Europe's first tramway; a decade later the mainline railway arrived, with direct services to London. Considering its subsequent decline, both facts are slightly startling.

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