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070608-02. © NRT, 2008
Skelbow Barn from Baines Cragg, Littledale, near Lancaster, Lancashire, UK, 7 June, 2008

The highest visible point is Ward's Stone which, at 561 m asl, is also the highest point of the whole ridge separating Wyresdale from Roeburndale and the Lune Valley. Following the ridge around to the left, High Stephen's Head is on the horizon at the edge of the photo.
The nearer hill to the left of the barn is Blanch Fell, whilst Black Fell is on the right. Several streams rise in the valley between them, which join near Littledale to form the Artle Beck, which in turn joins the River Lune at Caton. The source of the River Conder is just off the right of the image.

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