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Trough of Bowland seen from Trough Bank, Blaze Moss, Lancashire, UK, 31 May, 2008

A good viewpoint on the pathless moorland at ~400 m asl, though I wouldn't recommend visiting during the nesting season: a pair of buzzards seemed agitated by my presence so I retreated as soon as I'd taken the photo (which, after I filtered/post-processed much of the day's haze away, looks slightly odd).

Sykes Farm is in sunlight at ~160 m, in front of Hareden Fell (the low, brownish ridge) and Mellor Knoll (the 'pointed' hill, reaching 334 m). The latter is a shoulder of Totridge Fell, just off the right of the image. Sykes Nab is the ridge to the left of the farm, rising to Staple Oak Fell and Whin Fell.
The trees a little beyond and to the right of the farm line the access road to a waterworks; a layby and snack kiosk at the junction are popular with tourists.

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