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Loft Crag, Langdale Pikes, from the south shore of Blea Tarn, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, UK, 3 May, 2008

The mini-summit on the ridge between Pike of Stickle, just off the left of the photo, and Harrison Stickle, off the right. Climbers might know the cliff face at the left of the image rather better: it's Gimmer Crag. The main Dungeon Ghyll path descends across the middle of the photo.

Incidentally, the RAF search & rescue helicopter returned three days later, to participate in the rescue of a woman whose knee had jammed into a crevice high on Gimmer Crag. The Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue team (MRT) spent 144 man-hours (with the assistance of Kendal MRT, a MRT doctor, a cave rescue team and the helicopter) on their most complicated and time-consuming operation of the year.

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