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Lower Dolphinholme, near Lancaster, UK, 11 November, 2007

As in similar locations across northern England, the steep-sided valley of the River Wyre was an ideal location for water-powered mills after the Industrial Revolution (i.e. the onset of mechanisation). The first of Dolphinholme's mills opened in 1784 to spin worsted yarn from Wyresdale wool; the first time that process had been mechanised. The last closed in 1926, but the village's heritage is still self-evident.
The three-storey building on the left of Wagon Road was the mill owner's house, of such a size that it has since been divided into two, still substantial, properties. They, the neighbouring terrace of workers' cottages and even the pale garden wall, are Grade II Listed, but the 'mill' on the right is modern, purpose-built housing.

The valley is also dark, and though quaint to visit in 2007, it may have been a grim place in which to live and work two hundred years ago.

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