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St Mark's Church, Dolphinholme, near Lancaster, UK, 23 November, 2007

Though Dolphinholme has always been a stronghold of Methodism – even today, the sole pub is well outside the village – by the early 19th Century, mill developments by the River Wyre had expanded the population to the point that an Anglican church was required, so St. Mark's was built in 1839. However, for reasons I haven't been able to establish, that building wasn't consecrated until 1862 and a mere 35 years later it was rebuilt by Austin & Paley*. It's now Grade II Listed.
The novel fish-shaped weathervane is a design the architects had used before, at Torver, near Coniston in the Lake District.

*: Not the more (locally) famous 'Paley & Austin'. E.G. Paley died in 1895; his son remained with the firm, but naturally H.J. Austin was senior.

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