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Evangelical Church, Capernwray, near Carnforth, Lancashire, UK, 21 October, 2007

Capernwray Church was built 1835-1840 for the family & tenants of George Marton, Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, major local landowner (including of Borwick Hall) and then resident of the nearby Capernwray Hall. It's not visible in this image, obviously, but I noticed the family arms (back-to-front!) in the stained-glass window, confirming that they're the same Martons as commemorated in Thornton-in-Lonsdale, descendents of Oliver Marton.
The tower was added a little later, in 1857. Note the gargoyles.

As the huge sign rather implies, the church has been taken over by an evangelical sect. The obtrusive sign is the reason I took this photo, in fact: it's hardly in keeping with the traditionalist architecture and remote rural setting.

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