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Pothole on Dowlass Moss, Ingleborough Common, Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK, 9 June, 2007

Frustratingly, I can't name this pothole entrance, as I found it impossible to match imprecisely-positioned labels to mere dots on the OS map, never mind translate them to specific points on the featureless moor (featureless apart from the shake holes and potholes themselves. Which I couldn't identify). It may be Trapdoor Pot. Or Gritstone Pot. Probably not Boggarts Roaring Holes; I'm fairly confident I was too far north for that. Help!
[Update 09/01/10: It's Gritstone Pot. Thanks, Hugh!]
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the lack of web-published photos of cave entrances, as cavers tend to be somewhat more interested in the subterranean details.

The exposed slope in the background is White Scars, with the lower end of the Whernside ridge behind and to the right, and Gragareth on the horizon.

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