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260507-26. © NRT, 2007
Kingsdale from Gragareth, near Ingleton, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK, 26 May, 2007

This panoramic image covers a full 180°, so is somewhat distorted – the shallow 'v' in Turbary Pasture, the moor in the centre of the foreground, wasn't really present.
Incidentally, a 'turbary' is an area of moorland from which peaty turf may be cut for fuel. I doubt that right still exists under National Park regulations!

To the left, the ridge contines to Great Coum, overlooking Deepdale and Dent.

The ridge on the other side of Kingsdale is Whernside; Ingleborough is on the far side of the next valley over, Twisleton Dale/Chapel-le-Dale. It's difficult to identify the summit of Pen-y-ghent, as the hill's distinctive southern profile is hidden, but it's almost directly above Yordas Wood (see below). A rather hazy reverse view of Gragareth from Pen-y-ghent is available here.

In Kingsdale, the cluster of three stands of trees surround Kingsdale Head. The next isolated copse to the right is Yordas Wood, where I'd started this walk and also my next destination. The larger group of trees is Braida Garth Wood. Its somewhat rectilinear shape implies it's a managed plantation, but as I mentioned earlier, it's actually a remnant of ancient woodland.

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