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Panorama south-west from North End Scar, above Kingsdale, near Ingleton, N.Yorkshire, UK, 26 May, 2007

The ridge on the horizon on the left is Goodber Common, with Caton Moor behind. I can't distinguish them in this image, but they're ~3 km apart, on either side of Roeburndale; all three are in the Forest of Bowland AONB.

I'm struggling to identify the nearer, rounded hill in the middle of the wide valley floor – I hadn't realised there was a distinct hill there! I think it's near Wennington/Wrayton. I do know that the valley to its left is that of the River Wenning, whilst the Lune Valley is to its right. Also just to its right, the twin reactor buildings of Heysham power station can be seen on the coast.

The next prominent hill along the coast to the right is Warton Crag. Continuing that apparent block of higher land to the right, Hutton Roof is in the middle with Farleton Fell to the right. Actually, the latter two are several kilometres from the former.
Behind them is the Furness peninsula in Cumbria, with the fells of the Lake District National Park extending along the horizon to the edge of the image.

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