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Kingsdale, near Ingleton, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK, 26 May, 2007

Looking up the valley from the glacial moraine at its mouth.
Lesser known to tourists and walkers than neighbouring valleys, Kingsdale is famous to cavers for its numerous potholes, access points into some of the most extensive cave networks in the UK.
I've heard it suggested that the name is a contraction of 'Vikings' Dale'. Maybe....

Note that there's water in Kingsdale Beck in the middle of this image but immediately upstream of that section the (artificially straightened) channel is brown and dry. The abrupt transition, just about visible, is the Keld Head resurgence (below Keld Head Scar), where water from the 24km-long Kingsdale Master System re-emerges. The flooded area alone includes ~6.7 km of passages, the longest underwater network in the UK. Of that, 3 km account for the UK's longest single through-dive.

Braida Garth Wood, above the farm on the right of the valley floor, is a fragment of ancient woodland.

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