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Fleetwood passenger ferry, Knott End-on-Sea, the Fylde, Lancashire, UK, 5 May, 2007

Though there were earlier oar/sail-powered ferries, there has been a steam- (now diesel-) powered service between dedicated jetties since the 1890s.
The 'Wyre Rose' is the latest vessel of many, entering service in March 2007 (after my last visit), but I believe it's the first to operate all year, half-hourly in summer and hourly in winter. That may be partly due to its size; a small, nimble ferry (and she is – watching her manoeuvre across the fast-flowing mouth of the River Wyre was interesting) with a capacity of 35 passengers must be reasonably economical, especially subsidised by the local councils as a 'park & ride' scheme. According to the councils, she carried 20,000 passengers (plus hundreds of bikes and dogs) within her first three months.

Fleetwood's Upper, or 'Pharos' Lighthouse is in the background. Designed by the spendidly-named Sir Decimus Burton and built in 1840, the light is 27m (90', or 107 steps and a 10' ladder) asl and is the essential companion of the Lower Lighthouse.

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