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040207-27. © NRT, 2007
Gragareth and Crag Hill from Cross of Greet, Lancashire, UK, 4 February, 2007

The main reason I took this photo was to capture the colour gradient.

The county boundaries are convoluted here. The foreground is in Lancashire, but the valley is in North Yorkshire, whilst the Cumbrian border follows the ridge on the far side of the valley.
One result is that Gragareth, at the near end of that ridge, is the highest point in Lancashire at 627m asl without being the highest point in the immediate area – the other end of the same ridge, Crag Hill/Great Coum, is at 687 m but in Cumbria, whilst Whernside, just off the right of this image, is the highest point in North Yorkshire, at a much higher 736 m.

Barbondale is the valley to the left of Gragareth, whilst Kingsdale is on the right.

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