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St. Wilfred's Church, Melling-with-Wrayton, Lancashire, UK, 9 November, 2006

The Grade I Listed church, adjacent to the mound of a Norman motte-and-bailey castle, has been here since at least the 1086 Domesday Survey, though the current external appearence dates from a 1753 restoration. The Norman church was destroyed in Robert the Bruce's raid of 1322; Scottish raids continued until the 16th Century, so this 15th Century tower may have been a fortified refuge.
Oddly, the church was dedicated to St. Peter for a short time in the 18th Century.
The 19th Century clock was produced by E.J. Dent, designer of the mechanism in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament (aka 'Big Ben', though technically that's only the name of the main bell) in London.
The churchyard itself is a Biological Heritage Site, for the lichens on the gravestones.

There's something satisfyingly pre-christian about a looming skeletal tree overshadowing the church.

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