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Old Toll House, Farleton, near Hornby, Lancashire, UK, 9 November, 2006

The Grade II Listed former Toll House, built in the mid-16th Century (though not a toll house until 1750, which still makes it probably the oldest in the country), is the white (blue, in this light) building. The 'barn conversion' next door was built from scratch within the last decade – I remember there being a service station on the corner not long ago.

I suppose it wasn't sufficient reason to preserve it, but that service station played a role in British, even global, history.
In about 1922, John H. Willacy, the garage proprietor had the idea of painting a white line down the middle of the road to divide traffic and reduce the number of vehicle crashes. Challenged by the local authorities, he took the matter directly the the King, gained approval, and the dotted centre line entered general usage on dangerous bends in 1925. From this corner (well, bend) of Northern Lancashire, Willacy's invention spread to the world.
I'm aware of a rival claim from Canada; Lancashire's version does seem to be earlier, but I have no means of verifying either story. Please don't hassle me about it!

Ingleborough is in the background; I'd be rather closer in a few hours.

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