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St. Helen's church, Overton, near Lancaster, UK, 1 November, 2006

The door (see the next image) is an unmistakable Norman feature, but the windows lack the round arch of that style, and are actually late-18th Century replacements. This angle emphasises the original layout (though the foundations show that it was enlarged in a later rebuilding, so it's not entirely original), but there's a substantial early-19th Century transcept on the far (northern) side. If not precisely the same building, then, the church was still founded in 1050 (Hmm. That's pre-Norman; Saxon) and is now Grade II* Listed.
The bellcote houses a single bell, apparently cast in Birmingham in 1878.
The stained glass window in the western (left) end wall has been covered by perspex – presumably there's a risk, even a history of vandalism.

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