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291006-05. © NRT, 2006
Lancaster, UK from White Lund, 29 October, 2006

The large buildings on the other bank of the River Lune indicate Lancaster's industrial heritage as the world capital of linoleum production. They're all delelict or repurposed now, of course; the low, nearest buildings are occupied by a builders' merchant whilst the redbrick mill with the chimney houses a grain supplier.
The image looks across the full width of (south) Lancaster, from the river to the eastern margin, blued by haze. The Ashton Memorial stands in the wooded Williamson Park, behind another view of Moorlands. The twin steeples of Christ Church can be seen at the top of Moorlands, whilst St. Peter's cathedral is at the bottom. I hadn't noticed until writing this caption, but the Town Hall's clock tower can also be seen, directly in front of the cathedral.
Even though the lens artificially makes the moor seem very near, it really is only a 20-30 -minute bike ride from the river to Clougha, in the background.

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