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Millennium Bridge, Lancaster, UK, 29 October, 2006

Seen from the north bank of the River Lune. The three-way (i.e. 'Y'-shaped) cycle/pedestrian bridge across the Lune was built in 2000 for £1.8 million, in the approximate location of a Roman bridge. The cable-stayed design was innovative: effectively a suspension bridge with a box-girder deck.
The apartment buildings behind the bridge pylons are also brand new.

The largest steeple in the background is that of St. Peter's cathedral. To the immediate right (and actually much nearer) is the stepped steeple of the Georgian church of St John the Evangelist. I think the other steeple a little further to the right is that of St. Thomas' church on Penny Street.
The other obvious landmark is the tower of Moor Lane Mill, though locals would also recognise the terraced streets of Moorlands visible between that tower and the cathedral, and S.Martin's College (officially not 'St. Martin's') on the horizon.

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