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Scorton Methodist Church, Lancashire, UK, 15 October, 2006

As the plaque says, the smallest of Scorton's three places of worship was built in 1842, on land obtained from the Duke of Hamilton.
North Lancashire was a stronghold of Wesleyan Methodism from the mid-19th Century until well into the 20th Century; several local villages have no public houses. However, it was initially opposed by the established church and when it reached Scorton in about 1812 was actively persecuted; on one occasion, those attending a prayer meeting were scalded by water poured down a chimney onto the fire. Luckily, the local mill owner, George Fishwick, was converted to Methodism and became a champion of the dissenting church; a book published in 1885 called him an 'apostle of Fylde Methodism'.

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