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Arnside Tower, Cumbria, UK from the west, 16 July, 2006

Built in the late 14th or early 15th century as defence against raids by border reivers, the pele tower (aka 'peel tower') was originally four and five storeys tall (the northern and southern sides were divided differently). Part of the parapet remains, indicating the full height.
Badly damaged by a (domestic) fire in 1602, the Tower was repaired and reoccupied, but by 1680 it was derelict and was plundered for building materials between 1684 and 1690; roof timbers are known to have gone to Knowsley and Beetham, and as can be seen in other photos, stone door and window surrounds were ripped out.
In 1884, the roofless, floorless, door-and-windowless ruin experienced a severe storm, and the south-western wall collapsed, as did an internal cross-wall.

Despite this, Arnside Tower remains one of the best examples of a pele tower in the region, and the only one (I think) accessible to the public.

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