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The Ministry as a graph
Tag map of the Ministry blog homepage

Aharef's applet analyses the heirarchical nesting of html tags in a web page then presents that structure as a graph.
There is a key to the coloured circles, but interpretation wasn't immediately obvious.

I suppose it's best to start with the grey cluster (<head> tags) leading into the sole black dot (<body>). The two short branches at the first junction are simple <table>s laying out the page header ('straight ahead', with two links from the site logo to the main homepage) and page footer (to the right, with links to the Ministry's other departments). Turning left, the bulk of the page is in a third <table>. Table-based layout? I know, I know; the template was written rather hurriedly, back in 2003. I'll strip out the <table>s one day.

At the first junction on that path, 'straight on' is the left sidebar, 'right' is the right sidebar and 'left' is the central column containing the blog entries themselves.
In the left sidebar, the dense yellow 'flower' is the monthly archives form, the orange & blue 'flower' is the category archives list, and the looser red & blue sub-branches comprise the calendar (a MT-generated <table>).
The right sidebar has the search form (yellow), the list of recent entries (orange & blue 'flower') and the minibuttons (main cluster). The blogroll is hosted remotely, so is merely a small sub-branch.
The first large cluster in the main body comprises the individual blog entries, and offshoots are complexities within entries. The large orange & grey one confused me for a moment, until I remembered that one entry currently on the homepage is a 50-question meme questionnaire.

Try your own site. At least half the fun is watching each network spawn and organise itself, but be aware that larger graphs may take some time for optimal realignment. If, as Aharef suggests, you take a screenshot, wait a few minutes for it to finish.
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