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Carnforth, Lancashire, UK from Warton Crag, 29 May, 2006

Carnforth was an Anglo-Saxon village subsequently settled by 10th Century Norse. The armies of Charles II paused here in 1651 during his abortive attempt to retake the Crown, but the town gained more lasting national significance as a key rail junction at the intersection of the lines to London/Scotland, Leeds and the Cumbrian coast.
The first platform of the railway station, visible on the right of this image, opened in 1846, and it still receives such illustrious visitors as the Royal train and the Hogwarts Express (the latter was stored here until being vandalised in 2006). The old Station Junction Signalbox can be seen to the left of the curving platforms block. I probably don't need to mention that 'Brief Encounter' was filmed in the main building, directly behind the signalbox.

The line of trees between the station and Millhead, in the foreground, marks the course of the River Keer.
The far side of Carnforth is defined by the Lancaster Canal. The M6 motorway bypasses the village, beyond the pylons in the background.

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