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Millennium Mosaic, Wray, near Lancaster, UK, 17 April, 2006

A community project to mark the turn of the millennium, the mosaic, completed in September 2000, commemorates the flash flood of 8 August, 1967. Extreme rainfall on the Bowland Fells caused the River Roeburn to flood, totally destroying a riverside terrace of cottages in Wray. Appropriately, the mosaic occupies the flood garden, the site of those cottages.
The mosaic cost £14,000, but that was mainly spent preparing the site; locals volunteered labour and Maggy Howarth donated the design for free.
The black pebbles are from a Cumbrian beach whilst the white ones are Welsh, but the longer brown stones depicting the main flood (clearer in the next image) are from the bed of the River Roeburn (and Hindburn) itself.

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