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Devil's Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, UK, 4 March, 2006

The mediæval bridge across the River Lune is probably the main landmark of Kirkby Lonsdale and is now a scheduled ancient monument. It was built, or maybe rebuilt, in about 1370 using fine gritstone, with three ribbed arches linking hexagonal piers. It was the town's main bridge until 1932, when vehicle traffic was diverted to the adjacent Stanley Bridge more suited to the A65 main road from Leeds to Kendal.
The old bridge's name, which was only coined in the 19th Century, comes from a legend suspiciously familiar to anyone who's visited other bridges by the same name. Apparently, Satan offered to build a bridge for an old woman in exchange for the first soul to cross it. The woman sent her dog across first, cheating the Devil.

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