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Arnside Tower, Cumbria, UK, 28 January, 2006

Virtually the same view as this one, from last August.

The pele tower (aka peel tower), a fortified keep, probably built in the 15th Century as defence against raids by border reivers, is about 1½ km south of the village, on the opposite side of Arnside Knott – not exactly at the heart of the community.
It's slightly unusual in a couple of senses: firstly, it was always a standalone structure rather than part of a larger house or with adjoining outhouses – compare it to Wraysholme Tower on the other side of the Kent Estuary. Secondly, rather than being an isolated, independent keep Arnside Tower was one of a chain of pele towers around the mouth of the River Kent; Hazelslack and Beetham Towers are 2½ and 4½ km away respectively, and the aforementioned Wraysholme Tower is near Allithwaite, 7½ km away across the sands.

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