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Llyn Idwal, Snowdonia, Gwynedd, UK, 27 December, 2005

Llyn Idwal is about 800 m long by 300 m wide and up to 11 m deep, though 3 m is more typical and deeper hollows tend to be filled by up to 4 m of peat and sediment. I somehow doubt fishing is permitted in the nature reserve, but there are trout in the lake.
According to legend, Idwal, the son of Owain, a 12th Century prince of Gwynedd, was drowned in the lake by a jealous lieutenant.

The 978 m hill in the background is Pen Yr Ole Wen, probably formed as a nunatak (peak projecting above the ice sheet) in the last full Ice Age, being further sculpted by later, isolated valley glaciers.

I'm habitually careful with books, and it's usual for each book I complete to look as pristine as when brand new. However, one book on my shelves stands out as somewhat scuffed. If I understand her correctly, my sister borrowed it, took up Pen Yr Ole Wen to read (presumably not the full ~700m of ascent just for somewhere quiet to read), then accidentally dropped it. I don't know how far it fell.
Aptly, the book in question is 'Wyrd Sisters'....

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