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261205-04. © NRT, 2005
Looking north-east from Moel Famau, Denbighshire, UK, 26 December, 2005

A slightly murky image, but the best I could do, considering the haze and patchy lighting!

The pier of the Dee suspension bridge is in the middle distance, crossing the River Dee (surprisingly). Immediately behind and to the right of it is Shotton Paper Mill (the largest manufacturer of newsprint in the UK). Extending to the right of that, following the valley floor, is the Deeside Industrial Park, including the remnants of Shotton Steelworks.
Immediately in front of the valley, one can see a change in colour, as the top of the valley side is closer and above some of the haze. That also (very) approximately defines the historical Welsh-English border. I can't see it in this image, but my mother's home village is somewhere along that ridge.
The first group of sunlit industrial chimneys defines the Stanlow oil refinery at Ellesmere Port. Hence, the land between the Dee valley and those chimneys is the width of the Wirral, and the water beyond that is the Mersey Estuary. The larger 'chimneys' (cooling towers!) on the horizon are at Warrington.
This image doesn't quite reproduce one taken at New Year 2004, but the road junction in the foreground is visible in both photos, allowing some comparison.

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