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Caton windfarm, near Lancaster, UK, 27 November, 2005

By the time you see this image, the turbines will have gone. Erected in 1994, they're simply out of date, and over the next couple of weeks, the ten 30m-tall Windmaster turbines (collectively generating 7 million kWh pa, enough to power Caton and Hornby villages) will be replaced by eight 59 m (hub height; ~ 95 m overall tip height) REpower turbines, collectively generating 37 million kWh pa, enough to power half of Lancaster. I didn't think the Windmasters were noisy, and I spent numerous windy nights very close to them (this is part of my PhD research catchment), but the REpower turbines will rotate at half the speed and are expected to be even quieter.
I think they're great, and I'm pro-nuclear!

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