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Chapel Street, Slaidburn, Lancashire, UK, 15 November, 2005

Slaidburn (from 'stream by the sheep pasture' in Old Norse) is first recorded as an Anglo-Saxon settlement but became an administrative centre following the Norman invasion, and had its own court. The war memorial at the head of the street occupies the location of the mediæval market cross and whipping post.
The majority of the village has been owned by the same family, the King-Wilkinsons, since the 19th Century. A consequence of their control is that the village has visibly evaded modern development – for about 200 years. Virtually all the buildings date from the 17th to early 19th Centuries; though several have been demolished, only four have been built within the past century. More recently, Slaidburn has been designated a Conservation Area. That's not to say there's a forced 'heritage' or 'theme park' feel; this is the real thing.

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