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Manor Brickworks, Claughton, Lancashire, UK, 12 November, 2005

If anyone is reading this in a house or office built using Claughton bricks, this is where they were made, ~5 miles (8.5 km) from Lancaster.
Shale is extracted from the quarry just below the horizon and transported to the brickworks (founded in 1898 and now operated by Hanson) by an 'aerial ropeway', a continuous 'cablecar' chain of buckets; hence the linear gap in the trees.

The top of the hill marks the northern boundary of my PhD research catchment, Greenholes Beck, on the other side of the ridge. Rain falling on this side of the catchment divide drained towards Claughton, so thankfully wasn't my problem.
Incidentally, Claughton is pronounced 'Klafton' locally, not 'Klorton'.

Disclaimer: brightening a very dark source image has rather distorted the colours. See the previous photo for something like the true light-level.

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