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Looking east across Lancaster, UK, 6 November, 2005

Everyone takes this photo, from the top of the Priory steps on Castle Hill. That doesn't disqualify me, of course, but I'll try to do something a little more novel with it next time.

The large roof with the yellow gables, just beyond the nearest roofs, is that of the abortive multiplex cinema, completed two years ago but still yet to open. It's actually ~275m away on Church Street, but this is a telephoto lens. Likewise, the redbrick water tower of Moor Lane Mill is ~650 m away and St. Peter's Cathedral ~800 m away on the far side of the city centre.
The estate of terraced houses behind the cathedral is Moorlands; I can't quite distinguish my chimney! To the left of the houses is the Royal Lancaster Grammar School (beneath the roof which seems to have solar panels), which extends into the trees to the left and up to its cricket field. The twin towers of Christ Church at at the north-eastern edge of Moorlands.
The large wooded area at the top of the hill is Williamson Park, containing the Ashton Memorial, with the Butterfly House to its left. If anyone's counting, the Memorial is 1.1 km from this viewpoint.

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