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Fleetwood from Knott End-On-Sea, Lancashire, UK, 11 September, 2005

Fleetwood, a planned town founded in the 1830s, was a major port of the North Atlantic fishing industry until the 1990s, and remains the home of the fierce 'Fisherman's Friend' lozenges. The town is still dominated by partially-disused docks and fish processing plants.
The Upper or 'Pharos' Lighthouse is on the left with its companion the Lower Lighthouse on the right. An approaching ship lining up the two would find the deep water channel at the mouth of the River Wyre.

The photo is taken from the slipway / ferry quay in Knott End, known to some as 'the last resort' – the entire west coast of the Fylde is occupied by Lytham St. Anne's, Blackpool, Fleetwood and associated suburbs, but after Knott End there are no more seaside amenities until Morecambe.

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