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110905-02. © NRT, 2005 Close-up
The 'Pilling Pig', near Pilling, Lancashire, UK, 11 September, 2005

That wasn't there when I last passed! Actually, it must have been, but that occasion was at ~02:00 on 2 July, 2004, cycling home from Blackpool after the Marillion concert in Manchester, so I can be excused for missing it.

The "Garstang & Knot-End Railway" (yes, misspelling 'Knott End') was constructed in the 1860s, linking Garstang and Pilling by 7 miles of track, for local traffic. Numerous problems meant that the remaining 3.5 miles of the named route were completed in 1908. One of the locomotives featured a particularly piercing whistle said to resemble the noise made by a dying pig. The nickname 'Pilling Pig' was soon applied to the entire railway. Passenger services ended in 1930, and the line closed entirely in the 1960s.
This locomotive is of the type used on the line (Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0), but was built for a Welsh colliery five years after the Garstang – Knott End line closed. It took three days to be transported to the site by road in 2001, was lifted into position over the trees and then restored in situ.
Click the cab for a close-up.

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