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Claughton Hall Farm, near Lancaster, UK, 27 August, 2005

According to the official Lancashire Parish Councils website, the Hall may date from the 13th Century, but it's possible that the website is confusing Claughton, near Lancaster, with Claughton-On-Brock, near Preston, for which the site offers suspiciously similar information! [07/05/07: I let them know, and it's been updated.]

It certainly seems to predate concepts of symmetry and conventional building techniques – look at that massive buttress to the left of the nearest wall. I had thought that it was the result of remedial work to halt subsidence, as the building seems to be on a glacial deposit of boulder clay. However, since first photographing the farmhouse last year, I've heard from the occupier.

The original building does date from the 13th Century, though there are no obvious original features. The Hall itself was disassembled stone-by-stone early in the last century and rebuilt further up the hill, ~1 km away; this image mainly shows the farm cottage adjoining the original Hall. The removal of a large part of the original building may explain the asymmetry of the remnant.

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