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Ex-police station, Owen Road, Skerton, Lancaster, UK, 20 August, 2005

This is the centre of the facade of a substantial building now occupied by the local health authority. As the remains of lettering over the door (see the next image) indicate, this was a police station, which looks big enough to have been Lancaster's main one. However, this is on Owen Road, on the far side of the River Lune and almost a mile from the heart of the city; in 1889, when it was built, that would have been barely within the built-up area. So why was it so large?
Commenters have kindly informed be that this was, almost certainly, a Divisional headquarters of the County Constabulary, responsible for policing a substantial area surrounding Lancaster but not the city itself, which had its own police force from 1824 to 1947.
And since then, I've discovered more: that it was designed by E.H.Dawson and built for £6,400 on farmland costing £750, and that it accommodated a superintendent, an inspector, eight sergeants and 45 constables.

The following two images offer close-ups of the decorations over the doorway and on the gable ends.

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